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I use NetUSB-400i in VMware. The software installs OK, but drivers for my USB stick do not load (Code 39).

As seen from the drivers and administration utility of NetUSB-400i a VM (Virtual Machine) is like any other PC. However in the default configuration of this VM no USB controller exists. As the result Windows XP installed in this VM does not provide complete support for USB. Drivers for this have to be loaded when XP boots up, which is not the case.

As consequence the USB devices connected to NetUSB-400i do not install properly.



  1. On the XP installation CD-ROM  enter the folder named I386. In this folder locate the file USBD.SY_. If this file does not exist, the file USBD.SYS should exist.
  2. Copy the file from step 1 into the folder \Windows\system32\drivers on your hard disk. If the file was USBD.SYS, restart your XP.
  3. If the file was named USBD.SY_ it needs to expand.
  4. Open a Console window (DOS box) by click on Start -> Run. Enter the command "cmd" without quotes, and click on run.
  5. In the Console windows issue the command "cd \Windows\system32\drivers", without the quotes.
  6. Then issue the command "Expand -r USBD.SY_", again without the quotes. The response should say the file is expanded to USBD.SYS
  7. Reboot your Windows XP

Now the driver is available in the system, and can be loaded as required.

In the administration utility start the Device Mapping. Windows again detects the USB stick, but now the driver set is completely loaded. The USB stick as well as other devices may be used in the same way as connected to a local USB port.


In some versions of VMware a virtual USB controller can be added to the VM.  This can be used to share USB devices attached to ports on the host systems with the VM. Adding such a virtual USB controller is another solution.
However not all versions of VMware allow this alternative solutions.
And adding USBD.SYS will also help in other virtualized machine software.


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