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How to get a quotation / offer for VScom products?

The best and fastest way to a quotation for VScom products is to visit our web based online shop. The button labeled "BUY" on the product pages directly leads to the related purchase option in the web shop.

In the shop you simply start the purchase for one or more products. Please note: you do not purchase anything unless you finally confirm a payment. Instead you may abort the purchase at any step, prior to an actual purchase or payment.

Proceed with input of your company data, invoice and delivery addresses. That information provided you can also select a carrier for shipping. In the end you see the total price with shipping, including taxes if those apply. Customers in the European community: Make sure to enter the VAT-ID with country code (e.g. DE for Germany) as well.

At that point you either abort the purchase since you already got your information.

Or you directly conclude the order by selecting a payment option. This is either bank wire transfer or PayPal. If you prefer to use your Credit Card please also select PayPal, then you select the Sub-option to use your card.
Using the shop provides us with your correct company information so shipping is done as quick as possible.

Using the web shop is the best option for small quantities anyway.



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