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How can I change the name (number) of a Virtual Com Port

You can only define and change the name of a Virtal Com Port, once the driver is installed. So complete the installation of the drivers first, following the automatic process.


After the installation is finished, the NetCom Manager is available via the Start Menu. Start it, select the "Ports" register, and click the button named as [report view]. Arrange and sort the serial ports as you like it.

To change the name of a Virtal Com Port, double-click on the displayed number. Edit the value, and hit the <Enter>-key on your keyboard.
Often more than one Virtal Com Port shall be renamed, and the new numbers shall be consecutive. Start with renaming the first of those ports. Then select all the ports you want to rename, with the first port already renamed. Click the button named [Auto−Rename].

Having defined all changes click the button [OK] to send the changes to the driver.


Without starting the NetCom Manager the Rename-Option can be used by showing the properties of the NetCom Serial Device Server in the Device Manager. Open the class of "Multi-port serial adapters", and double-click the NetCom Server to change. The "Ports" register shows the same list of Virtual Com Ports, but restricted to this server.


The name of a Virtual Com Port can not be changed by opening the properties of this port.


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